Face Painting by Lisa

Hey Austinite’s,

I am posting one of Austin’s talented vendors, if you are interested in her face painting service contact her below for more information on prices, location and more. 🙂


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Janna Dendy

Hello everyone! Welcome to Austin Fiesta. In case your wondering I am the owner of this awesome vendor directory. I am a college student and always have been driven by owning my own company. Exceling in many academic business scholastic achievements, I have finally been given a great opportunity to achieve my goals. After volunteering for a petting zoo company in Austin for over two years I have developed the idea to create this directory. I have seen all sorts of vendors at events I have worked and thought it would be a good idea to create a platform where the general public could access all of those same local companies to create a perfect event. Austin is known for its entertainment, so lets keep it alive and spread the word!

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